Schools, Organizations, and Families

1) Community-Based Social Skills Summer Programming

Testimonial: Beverly Public Schools

“Through community building, structured activities, and trips to places of interests these students were explicitly taught skills that they have generalized and demonstrated during this school year. Parents and students have been empowered to take control of their social lives and are still meeting once a month as a group. Reports from parents and students have been extremely positive and we hope to build upon this program to reach more students who would benefit from these practical, hands-on interventions. Brian has made a significant difference in the lives of our students. We owe him a debt of gratitude.”

Testimonial: Family 1

“My son thought, “Camp was awesome”, and that Brian was “really cool”. “I loved it, loved seeing everybody and going places”. He was delighted to go each day, and hopes to attend again. Brian’s sense of humor, playful and easy nature makes him a natural at relating to children of any age.”

Testimonial: Family 2

“As a parent of a child with Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, OCD and ADD it is hard to find suitable summer programs that can fully understand our son’s disabilities and work with him to get along with others socially and increase his social skills. The program you devised took six high-functioning middle-schoolers with varying disabilities and turned them into a cohesive team. Whether the children were taking the train, riding the subway, going into a restaurant, shopping in a store or exploring a museum there was constant social learning going on. Our son would come home each day beaming from each new experience.”

2) Schools and Organizations

Stoneridge Montessori – [CLICK TO READ ENTIRE TESTIMONY]

“His type of training is an extremely effective approach to promote understanding and support the needs of students with ASD. He possesses an ability to impart information in a way that is accessible to everyone. His method is engaging and empowering to my staff. His chief aim, in my opinion, is to help everyone to see that this is an exciting challenge rather than a mystifying task.”

“He continues to work with our school both in the classroom and during team meetings to process together successful approaches to improving life in the classroom for our students who present with social challenges.”

Manchester/Essex Public Schools – [CLICK TO READ ENTIRE TESTIMONY]

“He has unique skills that include his ease in establishing rapport, his wit and humor, and his positive style.”

“His knowledge of cognition, paired with his use of drama and improvisation, provide a greater repertoire for educators to facilitate self esteem and socialization in our students.”


Family Testimonial `

“Brian consistently demonstrates sound judgment and exercises due professional care in the course of all our conversations and meetings. His professional demeanor, dedication, and knowledge of ASD’s are evident in all aspects of his work. We are grateful to have Brian as a trusted resource for those seeking support in this area. We are quite aware of the challenges and rewards of raising a child with ASD and have been awed and inspired by the work of Brian who meets each challenge with grace and celebrates the blessings that are disguised by what others would consider hardships. ”

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