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My presentations and trainings are tailored to the needs of the those present and are all about being fun and educational, accessible, inclusive, encouraging of dialogue before, during, and after. My time with you and your staff also usually involves a little bit of moving around by all present.

Here is a list of available trainings and talks:

• Understanding Asperger’s and Other Core Social/Emotional Challenges – this is an general overview of key ideas that will help those without social-emotional challenges to understand those who do.

• Perspective Taking (Theory of Mind) – most social maladjustment derives from some fundemental breakdown in this area. To what extent does an individual understand that every person has his/her unique perspective, complete with his/her own likes, dislikes, experiences, emotional understanding, and free will?

• “Connective Questions” – Learn to convert statements into questions as a means to find your way to the center of an individual’s logic. Once you’re there then the potential for that individual’s social-emotional growth will vastly increase.

• “Personal Relevance” – Connecting with individuals on the basis of both what s/he knows and his/her personal

• Building Analogies – the best “why” explanation for individuals can come from comparing what you are attempting to teach with a previously understood, parallel example.

• Recognizing and Utilizing Your Personal Strengths to Achieve Success as a Instructor in Special Education and Mainstream Classrooms

­• Drama-based Method of Social Skills Learning/Instruction – teach individuals how to be social while engaging in fun (and rules-based) social activities

• Designing an Effective Community-Based Social/Life Skills Summer Program – for those individuals some proven success in a group atmosphere and present with no outstanding aggressive behavior, using the world as a classroom can be the best way to grow social confidence and competence. The best teachable moments are found while putting theory to practice.

“His type of training is an extremely effective approach to promote understanding and support the needs of students with ASD. He possesses an ability to impart information in a way that is accessible to everyone. His method is engaging and empowering to my staff. His chief aim, in my opinion, is to help everyone to see that this is an exciting challenge rather than a mystifying task.”

“He has unique skills that include his ease in establishing rapport, his wit and humor, and his positive style. His knowledge of cognition, paired with his use of drama and improvisation, provide a greater repertoire for educators to facilitate self esteem and socialization in our students.”

“Brian Gordon is one of the most innovative professionals working in our field. With a background in standup comedy, one of the toughest professions around, Brian opens doors to communication and confidence for young people with autism spectrum conditions. He gets how making mistakes can become fertile ground for learning. He is optimistic, fun, brilliant and so are his teaching methods. I highly recommend Brian’s work in your school, agency, community or program!”

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