BSG Social Learning LLC works to help build, hone, and maintain skills that bring about lasting improvements in quality of social/emotional growth and living for the individuals we serve. Whenever possible, we utilize community-based (“real life”) settings to set the stage for collaborative experiences that lead to the development of trusting relationships; and with that trust we assist individuals in accessing their most constructive, functional, and healthy sense of self. What this means in terms of our mission is that we responsibly help individuals develop greater personal fluency in the following:

• Being loyal to individuality, while being able to “fit in”

• Know, accept, and embrace areas of relative strength and challenge

• Find personal relevance in dedication to life, welfare, and relationships

• Viewing social/emotional growth as a life-long practice

At the center of every relationship we work to cultivate is the consistent belief that we must be worth of the individuals we serve – not that they be worthy of us. To do otherwise would mean we are no longer seeing someone as an “individual”. That would forfeit the “why” behind our mission as an organization genuinely concerned with individual growth:

You can’t put a cap on potential.