BSG Methods/Tools

These are methods and tools that BSG Social Learning has employed over the years. Many of them sprang from life experience in and around the 10 years spent connecting with the world as a stand-up comedian:

Channels of Logic Approach/Connective Questions (COLAcq): One of the beautiful aspects of the work we do is the pattern of locatable logic to be found supporting the actions of the individuals we serve. Logic deserves to be validated because it is a unit of consideration – in my world there’s always room to award credit for effort, no matter the outcome. Learn more about how pinpointing logic is the first step in helping a person to acknowledge the existence of a larger “social logic”.

Analogies (and) Personal Relevance in Learning (APRIL): Learning and using what others know, understand, and even love is invaluable as a tool for teaching ideas and information no matter the level of difficulty. Half the learning has already occured.

Collage Art: Art can be of great use as both life skill and “big picture” enhancer. Collage is great for developing a love of building stories + will provide a solid “why” behind looking for extra variables to better interpret life’s stories.

Mork and Mindy: This unfortunately short-lived television series from my childhood is an awesome template for social learning. Thank you Robin Williams for playing the role of Mork, the lovable human-looking alien from another planet given the “simple” task of pulling off the role of a “normal” earthling..

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